How the hell can I put up videos?! I just don't get it. Could anybody help me?

Well, whatever. The only nameable thing I did today is that I've watched "The Shining" again. It's an awesome movie, I can't stop watching it although I'm not really a horror movie freak. Usually I can't even watch this kind of movies at all - especially when I'm alone. But this one is so good that I can't turn it off. Maybe I'll be a little bit scared tonight but still - this movie is amazing.

At the moment I'm waiting for an answer from a friend of mine. We hope to get to Munich and she wanted to tell me today. I'd really like to get there on Wednesday. xoxo

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Hi guys, my name is Franzi and, well, I started this blog just for writing my thoughts down. Actually I'm from Germany but I'd like to do this blog in English in order to improve my languages. So please don't judge me for mistakes (;. I'm not exactly sure what I want to use this blog for. I think I'll put up some pictures and maybe I'm gonna give some comments on movies because I absolutely love watching good movies. So I also can give some references. I hope you like my blog, I just started it and yet, there's not so much to see but I'm sure that I will change that soon. xoxo

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